SWV is a system for cataloguing Siza’s works. Created in the same way as Bach’s BWV, it associates an identifying acronym (the SWV) with a chronologically based alphanumeric system (as in opus cataloguing) that chronologically identifies each of Siza’s works.

The following triptychs offer us the context of possible Geographies of Siza Baroque.


Siza Baroque Programme opens with a conference given by Eduardo Souto de Moura

The Siza Baroque Programme opens with a lecture given by Eduardo Souto de Moura and will run throughout the year, with the participation of the project’s researchers and consultants. The programme also includes an exhibition at Soares dos Reis National Museum and a closing concert, with a ‘baroque-contemporary’ composition (like Siza’s work), at Nasoni’s Church of Clérigos.

The Siza Barroco research project is in its final phase.

The results of the research were intended to be disseminated to a wide audience through a diversified programme open to the granite city, according to Siza, “of ‘old gold’ or ‘blue’.”

The connections between Álvaro Siza’s architecture and the Baroque are present in various authors who have written about Siza, as well as when referring to Porto and Nasoni, in his written texts, Siza announces his interest and commitment to learning from the Baroque architecture and city.

The research followed a natural path, conscious that placing the idea of the Baroque and Álvaro Siza’s architecture side by side would bring gains in knowledge to both parts. 

If, on the one hand, Siza’s architecture is better understood in the light of the Baroque (ideological), the Baroque (chronological) is also more intelligible with Siza’s work.

This programme includes a series of events that cross and intersect Siza’s architecture, Nasoni’s architecture, the gilded wood carving, Baroque-contemporary music, etc.

On 20 April, at the National Museum Soares dos Reis, Eduardo Souto de Moura will talk about “A Actualidade do Barroco” (The Actuality of the Baroque), a repetition (which, as Siza warns, is never a repeat) of a lecture given in May 2015, closing the Clérigos Conference cycle.

This will be followed by talks by Ángel Garcia-Posada, Juan José Lahuerta, and Maria Filomena Molder, consultants for the Siza Baroque research project, with contributions from other disciplines.

The Siza Baroque exhibition opens on 12 September and runs until 31 December at the National Museum Soares dos Reis, side by side with its Collection and Fernando Távora’s project for the museum.

In addition to the second series of conferences and the colloquium, which brings together the project’s researchers, to mark its conclusion, in December, the programme also offers us a concert – a celebratory event in a symbolic architectural site such as the Clérigos Church – based on the ‘baroque-contemporary’ work, Magnificat em talha dourada, by Eurico Carrapatoso. 

This contemporary author, like Siza, composes by establishing strong links with history, particularly the Baroque (Bach!), a common creative process that we endeavour to bring to light and pursue in our idea of architectural research and, in particular, in this project.

It will take place on 14th December at the Clérigos Church.

“The tower of the Clérigos will erupt against the almost illuminated penumbra of the sky, a dove-colored straw,” anticipates Siza.



20th April (saturday), 16h00, Eduardo Souto de Moura

A Actualidade do Barroco


04 de Maio (sábado), 16h00, Ángel Garcia-Posada

O Projecto Contínuo. Fundos e Figuras


18th May (saturday), 16h00, Juan José Lahuerta

A Arte na Época do inferno


22nd Juin (saturday), 16h00, Maria Filomena Molder

Sem título



Soares dos Reis National Museum, 12th September to 31st December


12th September (thursday), 18h00




28th September (saturday), 11h00-18h00


11h00 | Siza e o Barroco

José Miguel Rodrigues e Joana Couceiro


14h30 | Siza e o Moderno

Ana Tostões


16h00 | Siza e o Pós-moderno

Jorge Figueira


17h00 | Final debate

José Miguel Rodrigues, Joana Couceiro, Ana Tostões e Jorge Figueira

Sílvia Ramos (Moderation)



7th December (saturday), 10h00-18h00

Betão, Branco, Dourado


Presentations by:

Sílvia Ramos

Miguel Araújo

Mariana Sá

Ricardo Leitão

Inês Sanz Pinto

Mafalda Lucas

Graça Correia

Hélder Casal Ribeiro

João Pedro Serôdio

Luís Urbano

Marco Ginoulhiac

Nuno Brandão Costa

João Pedro Xavier

Susana Ventura

(Titles to be announced)



14th December (saturday), 21h30, Clérigos Church

Magnificat em Talha Dourada (Ó meu menino)

For Álvaro Siza

and in memoriam to José Quintão and Juan Luis Trillo


Composition by Eurico Carrapatoso

(URTEXT version)

Soprano Angélica Neto

Grupo Vocal Olisipo

Art Direction by Armando Possante


This programme may be subject to eventual changes.


Scientific Research and Technological Development Project on the Architecture of Álvaro Siza Vieira FCT: SIZA/CPT/0021/2019


Funded by:

FCT, Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education; Ministry of Culture; FAUP; CEAU.


Supported by:

Soares dos Reis National Museum; Serralves Foundation; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; CCA; Drawing Matter; Casa da Arquitectura; Irmandade dos Clérigos and Conservatório de Música do Porto.

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