SWV is a system for cataloguing Siza’s works. Created in the same way as Bach’s BWV, it associates an identifying acronym (the SWV) with a chronologically based alphanumeric system (as in opus cataloguing) that chronologically identifies each of Siza’s works.

The following triptychs offer us the context of possible Geographies of Siza Baroque.


“El proyecto continuo, fondos y figuras”, by Ángel García-Posada

For Álvaro Siza, architecture is continuity and transformation. From thought and the gaze, from the matter that is born from the pencil, it conjugates an attempt to understand our universe from a small partial order, to then improve it. The idea of the project as continuity appeals to the understanding that the project is chained to events that occurred before and will continue long after. The architect draws between times, merges his gestures with the environment, accommodating them, always aspiring his projects to qualify the places. This continuity between the project and the place, which is born when the drawing begins to decipher its keys, can be extended to the continuity of the drawing itself, from the first visit until the work process, to this continuous drawing, and in reciprocity, to the hand moving as the soil would like to move with the projects. In his written reflection on Aalto, Siza indicated that we must “include everything in the drawing”, “take everything as a stimulus”, alluding to the desire for everything to find its place into the project.


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“Siza and Picasso”

Photography of Fernando Guerra


Ángel García-Posada Biography

Graduated as an architect from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla (2001), and with a PhD from the University of Seville (2008). He is a full professor in the Department of Architectural Projects at the University of Seville, and director of the editorial collections of the Arquia Foundation. Author and editor of several books and various articles in architecture and art magazines. He has participated in numerous research projects on the relationship between architecture and landscape, transfers between art and architecture, and the notion of time in architecture, art and territory. He develops his architectural, teaching and research activity from a transversal understanding of culture and the continuity between project and research. Currently he is co-director of the XVI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.


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